Aims for 2017, or January at least

Smooth your edges, untangle your knots, sweeten your openings, balance
your extremes, relax your mysteries, soften your glare, forgive your
doubts, love your breathing, harmonize your longings, and marvel at the
sunny dust.

Suggestions courtesy of Rob Brezsny.


Mission Accomplished

Each week for the last year I have written, recorded and released a new piece of music.
And some of them I have found to be excellent, some to be entertaining but throwaway, and some to be failed experiments worth revisiting with more time.
One of my favourite pieces from the entire project is this, sung by my good friend Martin Byrne.

And here is the playlist of the entire year of tunes:

It looks like we might just make it to the end.

I am 48 weeks deep in 52 week project in which I write, record and release a song each week for a year.
The realisation hit me just a couple of hours ago that I only have 4 more songs to create before I’ve completed the project.

Wow. I feel like I’ve only just started, like I’m barely half-way.

Here is a link to the entire playlist:

New Musicks

It’s been a while since I did much to publicise my work, but I’m here today to remedy that.
In the last nine weeks I’ve released nine more pieces of work, some of which I’ve pushed off into the world with those little shivers I only get when what I’ve created seems somehow more than the sum of its parts.

These are my current favourites:

And here is a playlist for the Great Song A Week For A Year Playlist so far:

That’s the Message

My current project, a Song A Week For A Year number 24 – ‘That’s the Message’ on #SoundCloud

This piece started off inspired by Black Heart Procession, but then traveled through Gravenhurst and latter day Nick Cave.
Once again, it’s a bit dark. I started work on the lyrics before I’d completed all the instrumental parts and for once I had the time to come up with a text I’m happy with. The downside of this being that I ran out of time to work on the drum programming. Swings and roundabouts!
Becca Allen joined in on backing vocals and autoharp.

Here is the continuing playlist for the project so far: