New release on Toneburst coming v.soon!

I’m very excited to reveal that I have a piece appearing on the upcoming Toneburst release Tying Up Loose Ends. I’ll update with a release date when I have it!

The sailors make fast the loose ends to ensure the boat is shipshape.

Tying Up Loose Ends” is a nautically themed project split into 2 segments.
The first, titled “Noise Forecast“, is heavily inspired by BBC shipping forecasts, the rhythm of their delivery and the alien yet comprehensible language used within them. The compositional framework for this part of the project is a text-based score which was written in a way that aimed to allow each participant a unique translation. To further contrast the finished pieces, careful attention is made in approaching different artists with varying sonic palettes.

The score for this first installment of the project reads as follows:

Southern Bleakness. 8
Phront – Lofty, Stressure: NIL.
Bromide Sprinkles – Occasional.
Eudaimonia – Swindling, Tempestuous Nodes.
Torrential Data, Deluges: 37, Clustered.
Drainage: In Toto, Preparation Timely.”

The second project segment, titled “Flotsam, Jetsam, Lagan & Derelict“, is an exploration of how new life can be given to short pieces of sound that perhaps could get lost somewhere in a timeline. To achieve this, audio is salvaged from one person and recycled by another, although organised in such a way that ‘who is collaborating with who’ remains unknown. Artist and equipment information are intentionally removed as to hopefully have no influence over the finished works.

Guidelines for FJL&D are:
You have received some salvaged audio from another participant involved. Use these sounds as a starting point.
Please use both files, although they don’t have to be used in their entirety. One shot or single cycle samples are fine. You are free to edit & treat these in any way you see fit. Chop, Sample, Granularize & Mangle. Unrecognisable is good. Additional instrumentation is allowed and encouraged. This is not a remix project.
Audio discovered amongst your posts has been shared with another participant to carry out the same process.”

Loose Ends #1 is focused around the fictional land, and surrounding coast, of “Culport”.

The tracklisting is as follows;
1. Claude & Ola – Culport
2. Sw1n Hunter – FOAM_DRIFT(2vids)
3. Shane Latimer – Deluges: Clustered
4. Una Lee – 1 fib or no
5. BJC – Torrential Data v4_2
6. Scy1e – Racing the dawn
7. Mysterioso – Unapproved Beliefs
8. Vivienne Griffin – The Fake Haven
9. Hadi Bastani – nines am(o)ur ai

1. T.Jervell – Fanfare of Spring (Initials M.C.)
2. sweetearthflying – prismatic wounds
3. Sqrtsigil – nontitle
4. Morn Valley – Solar Transmission
5. Expanding Foam – saxa vord
6. Wimming Spools – flotsum & jetsum
7. Disxiple 113 – fiesta, forever
8. Subfusc – Batons
With some sprinkles of sea sounds recorded by Matilde Meireles, Lisbon, 2020.

Another gem from Rick Wayne’s ongoing curation.

Ferenc Pinter (1931 – 2008) was an Italian painter and illustrator. He was born in Liguria to Hungarian father and Italian mother. His name was spelled Pintér Ferenc in Hungarian and he signed most of his works with the Hungarian name order; however in Italy he was known as Ferenc Pintér. In 1940 his family […]

(Art) The Pulp Drama of Ferenc Pinter — Curiomancy (fantastic art + fiction + curiosity)


I don’t need to cut myself some slack, I need to recognize what I’ve achieved so far. It’s essential that Istep back, see my context and recognize that I’ve achieved a lot already.

  • I’ve dropped 15 kg.
  • I regularly go to the gym (3x a week).
  • I study and practice my instrument 10x more than I ever have.
  • My bass playing has improved immensely in the last year.
  • While I’m not regularly cycling this winter, between April and October I did regularly and over long distances (30-70 miles). This was curtailed only by injury.

Sure, I’m still expecting immediate results, I’ve still not sussed out my sleep balanced, I’m still tired and still feel undermotivated, and yes it still feels like my momentum is driven by anxiety rather than by a positive energy: but I am doing what I said I would do. And that is a real thing.

For the day that’s in it.

The more frustrated I get, the more stress I feel. The more stressed I am, the more anxious I become. As my anxiety levels rise, the less confidence I have in myself, and my self-confidence is very low at the best of times. The less confident I become, the more depressed I become, the ridiculous any idea of self-worth becomes.
You can see how I’ve discovered a genuine perpetual motion machine here.

I don’t know where to start.

On top of that I compound these problems with several horrible mechanisms:

  • I want instant results.
  • I prevaricate (so many things need done, where to start, start nothing).
  • I reach an initial goal then abandon.

Baby steps.
One thing at a time.
– Break down each task to subtasks and handle all prep first and in the right order.
– Study, practice & take measured risks to assess progress *
– Reflection before & after action is important *
– “make time” rather than “find time” *

So how can I improve? Where do I start?

  • I can make time for all the things I want to do.
  • I can get up earlier to be at the gym for 8:30am.
  • I can enable this by getting to bed and ready to sleep by midnight.
  • When I can I will cycle to work.
  • I can set aside that hour after dinner to study for work.
  • I can practice my instrument for 15 mins a day, after studying.
  • On the weekends I can do study music.
  • I can aim to be studying for work 3x a week.

And that’s a simple plan.

And now, three weeks into the New Year, I’ve stuck to the 3x a week gym attendance regime for a 6 weeks. Getting up at 7am is an established thing now, preparing breakfast and lunch in the evening is bedding in. It’s going to be OK.

*some strong advice perfectly summed-up by BJC. Thank you Barry.

Wyrd Daze Seven: Hookland

This piece is *very* satisfying.

Wyrd Daze

Best experienced in the PDF zine

The Broken Oak, Damsel’s Cross

Some taverns tell their tales in the free public library of swinging signs. Some like The Broken Oak will only give up their strange stories if you venture inside. While its name and sign is simple memorial to a lightning-tortured tree that once stood on the village green, once inside, the establishment offers a unique look at old method of dealing with troublesome spirits. For the price of a pint, you can take a look at its perpetually locked ‘ghost room’.

In the late 18th century, The Broken Oak was so troubled by an unruly spirit that scratched and scarred both the landlord’s wife, her young maid and several of its patrons, that a ghost-layer was called. When the sanctions of the Church of England were unable to end the spiritual terror, the services of the cunning folk were…

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Toneburst at Sunflower Bar 101119

bjc – D&Dv2_Studies_v1 — barry joseph cullen

The latest TONEBURST release is now available. Studio improvisations. The recordings are mono. From instrument to hard drive. From hard drive to tape. Each of the four tracks were made using the Drone & Drama v2 instrument. The recordings were selected from a pool of recordings made over the course of one […]

bjc – D&Dv2_Studies_v1 — barry joseph cullen

Here’s a fascinating example of creation, formal process and examination. And great results!