Proceed; Old School

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): NASA used whale oil to lubricate the
Hubble Space Telescope and Voyager spacecrafts. There was a good
reason: Whale oil doesn’t freeze at the low temperatures found in outer
space. While I certainly don’t approve of killing whales to obtain their oil, I
want to use this story to make a point. It’s an excellent time for you, too,
to use old-school approaches for solving ultra-new-school problems.
Sometimes a tried-and-true method works better, or is cheaper, simpler,
or more aesthetically pleasing.

So.  Old-school. What accepted approach can I adopt that I am not already taking?  And to what end, to what should I apply it?

I have a feeling that Oblique Strategies may be called for.

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I play bass, I cook, I look out the window. Sometimes I prefer wondering what's out there to going out and looking. But not all the time. I only recently learned that leaving two spaces after a full stop is obsolete.

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