a terrorist with a bullet hole in his face


It’s not surprising that a photo of a terrorist with a bullet hole in his face would turn Sarah Palin on. The way she asks for it to be released though, is an interesting bit of dishonesty.

“Show photo as a warning to others seeking America’s destruction.”

I’m imagining a group of terrorists sitting around a computer, pulling up a photo of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse, and one saying “WHOA GUYS, if we try to ‘destroy America’ they might try put BULLETS in our FACES. We better knock this malarkey off ASAP. Return that fertilizer to the hardware store and let’s use the fuel we’ve stockpiled to power the generator at my nephew’s school for a few weeks.”

Terrorists, especially of the Jihadi variety, are frequently prepared for and SEEKING death, whether it comes in the form of a bullet, explosion, or underpants conflagration on a Detroit-bound flight.

But I presume Sarah Palin knows this. So her tweet is both “politicking” and “drama.” It’s theater, in fact.

And way to wrap it up with “That’s the mission.” Though she didn’t shoehorn the words “Islam” or “Muslim” into her clunker of a tweet, she did finish it with a word whose definitions include “a group of people sent by a religious body, esp a Christian church, to a foreign country, to do religious work.”

I’m glad she was so transparent about what her “mission” is. And let’s also salute her for sneaking the word “pussy” in there. Osama Bin Laden is killed while Barack Obama is President, and Sarah Palin’s immediate response is to explicitly link him with the word “pussy.” Would she have worked the word “cocky” in there if he released the photo?

To conclude, her tweet is bloodthirsty, purposefully dishonest, willfully ignorant, xenophobic and rude. It’s a fantastic snapshot of who she is.

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