I had a dream…

This morning I dreamt that I had a one of those pens from the 80s that has a little digital clock built into the end of it. It had an alarm in it which started to go off and I didn’t know how to stop it, so I started to take the pen apart to try and find the beeper and break it off or disconnect it. It took me ages to work out how to take it to pieces, as it seemed to be all one solid piece.
It kept peeping and peeping and peeping until finally I broke it down into its component pieces and after about half an hour of frantic tinkering (on the wee clock I could see time ticking past) I found the piezo beeper. I disconnected the connections and it kept peeping. I broke the beeper off the end of the circuit board completely, and as it lay in my hand it kept on peeping.
I could feel my blood beginning to boil so I threw it on the floor and started smashing it with my heel, but it just kept on peeping and peeping.

And then, within the dream, I realised: “Oh, it’s my phone alarm, I need to wake up.”

Words fail.

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I play bass, I cook, I look out the window. Sometimes I prefer wondering what's out there to going out and looking. But not all the time. I only recently learned that leaving two spaces after a full stop is obsolete.

2 thoughts on “I had a dream…”

  1. My God.<br/><br/>I have dreams like that! <br/><br/>Honestly! <br/><br/>I always wake up feeling like I’ve not gotten sufficient sleep, since I’ve been so damn BUSY in my dream!<br/><br/>I loved reading this. <br/><br/>–Piezo–<br/><br/>Piezo-pref. Pressure: piezoelectric. [From the Greek piezein, to press tight, squeeze.]<br/><br/>I swear to God Allen! <br/><br/>You always, always, send me to the dictionary! <br/><br/>"Words fail…"<br/><br/>I love it! <br/><br/>Keep rollin’ my friend. <br/><br/>Keep rollin'<br/><br/>-Jeeemeister-

  2. I think I only know about piezo buzzers because I had a wee electronics kit when I was a kid, and it had a little unit that you could build which made a variety of noises depending on what voltage you passed through it and what resistors were in the circuit, and the output was a piezoelectric buzzer.<br/><br/>Oh, and then later I discovered that they worked as cheap microphones too, that you can stick onto an object’s flat surface and record the sounds made by the object….

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