Peanut-butter kiss didn’t kill teen

SAGUENAY, Quebec (AP) — A 15-year-old girl with a peanut allergy did not die from kissing her boyfriend following his peanut butter snack, a coroner said Friday, countering reports that drew international attention last year.
Saguenay coroner Michel Miron said Christina Desforges’ death had a different cause. But he refused further disclosure, saying he first wanted to report to the provincial coroner and examine more test results.
Miron said he was speaking out now to head off an allergy group’s plan to use the case as an example in an awareness effort.”
From CNN

I wrote about this last year so it’s nice to hear some sense finally emerging on this subject, but it’s a real shame that the threat of a nationwide campaign based on this complete superstition was what finally forced a medical professional to publicly engage with this fallacious nonsense.
Entering anaphylactic shock and then dying after kissing someone who may have eaten a peanut-based snack nine hours prior is impossible, and the young man in question was internationally blamed for his girlfriend’s death based on nothing more than incredibly wild and unbelievable conjecture.

And yet I doubt a single news source will print an apology.

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