Woman in car crash ‘already dead’

From CNN.com:

“The woman, who was in the back seat of the car, was believed to have died one or two days before the accident, police were quoted as saying. There was no immediate explanation of how she died.”

This is a very sad tale in which an entire young family have died, but I’m drawn to wonder exactly what happened to the woman. How did she die? Where was her husband taking her? Why was the child there also?

I have a suspicion that the crash may have been deliberate.
Could the woman have died in childbirth the previous day, and the husband, stricken with grief over losing his wife and their new child, “kept” the body, and was now determined that if she was no longer alive, then he and their son didn’t deserve life either?

On the other hand, he might simply have killed her himself and was on his way to dispose of the body. Mind you, this doesn’t explain the boy’s presence…

I wonder will we ever hear any more about this…

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