car bites man

“PINE BLUFF, Arkansas (AP) — An airborne car crashed through the wall of a man’s bedroom, landing on him as he slept.
‘It hit the outside bedroom wall, continued through the bedroom, over the bed and partially exited through the side wall,’ police Lt. Bob Rawlinson said. ‘The guy was pinned under the car and rolled up in the mattress. Their car left the road, crossed a grassy area, clipped a utility pole, ruptured a gas main and went airborne before crashing into May’s house, about 500 feet from the road. The car was totally inside the house and a little bit sticking out through the other side.’
Devlon Chandler, 34, also of Pine Bluff, was ticketed for failing to maintain control of a motor vehicle, driving on a suspended license and not having proof of insurance, police said.”

So straight away I’m thinking: “He was ticketed??”
For destroying a man’s home and costing him a finger and potentially his sight in one eye, he received tickets??
Should he not have been arested on the spot for dangerous driving, criminal negligence and so forth?

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