Driver Watching DVD: Not Guilty

From Wired News:

“‘He hasn’t been able to drive in over two years,’ she said. ‘He just wanted to be alone for a while. He’s very happy he can get on with his life again.’

Stein argued that Petterson and his passenger Jonathan Douglas were watching a DVD movie when Petterson’s pickup truck crossed the center line, hitting the Weisers’ sport utility vehicle head-on. Petterson testified he was not watching a movie and that his truck strayed into oncoming traffic when he reached for a soda.

The Weisers died at the scene.

David Weiser, a son of the dead couple, said the family was not surprised by the verdict because skid marks at the scene and Petterson’s driving record were not allowed as evidence.”

Incredible isn’t it? A jury acquitting a person who killed two motorists as he watched a movie while driving his truck. A panel of legally sane people unanimously announce to the world that they believe it’s completely fine to ignore the entire world around you while in solitary control of several tons of moving metal.

These people sound like the type who would kill abortionists while preaching abstinence.

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