BBC NEWS | World | Europe  US chides Belgium over rights law

Washington has berated Brussels after several Iraqi families announced they were suing former US President George Bush and other US politicians for human rights violations in a Belgian court.

This is a nice little turnaround. America, with impunity, insists that anyone they wish to arrest, they can and will arrest (for example this man), yet when another country, in this case Belgium, decided that the US has broken their laws…

Colin Powell’s rambling aside, the fact that Belgian law allows this kind of case to be tried makes me think about the current situation in the UK. It seems that Tony Blair is demanding we go to war without even the support of his own government let alone the people he’s meant to be representing, so what recourse do we have to this seeming undemocracy?

What is the process for arranging a nationwide vote of no confidence? Is there any way of suing the prime minister for unlawful warmongery, flagrant misuse of power or failure to comply with public wishes?

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