Don’t you hate those conversations where both of you are a little drunk, tired and edgy so the tempers flare, the talons come out?
When suddenly the point you’re arguing is revealed as untruth until it’s no longer your argument that is being refuted, but a tenet by which you life and, by extrapolation, yourself. Whatever the point was it’s now lost in what is now a torrent of vitriol, cutting a gaping hole in your belief system.
What options have you for reaction? It’s pretty clear that you’re wrong and an opposing argument or a denial is not going to help you escape this existential pit into which you’ve been cast. So you sit there in abject silence staring into the corner furthest from your nemesis, fuming but feeling three inches high.
How should you react when your personal paradigm has not only been shifted but deconstructed and rebuilt with you no longer in the centre or even inside it at all? How are you to react to having the way you live your life pulled apart at the seams?

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I play bass, I cook, I look out the window. Sometimes I prefer wondering what's out there to going out and looking. But not all the time. I only recently learned that leaving two spaces after a full stop is obsolete.

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