Fried politics: Restaurant serves ‘freedom fries’
BEAUFORT, North Carolina (AP) — You can get fries with your burger at a restaurant here, but just don’t ask for french fries.

From CNN.com

How fucking farcical.
This wanker has managed to confuse patriotism with bigotry. It’s interesting also how he equates a country which declines to participate in what a few million people see as an unethical and unjust war with a country which declared war on the entire world, invaded most of a continent and killed millions of people in an attempt at ethnic cleansing and genocide:
Rowland said the switch from french fries to freedom fries came to mind after a conversation about World War I when anti-German sentiment prompted Americans to rename German foods like sauerkraut and hamburger to liberty cabbage and liberty steak.
CNN are really showing their true colours.

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