BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | US popularity of The Osbournes wanes Ratings are tumbling in the second series of The Osbournes of the US, with audience figures falling by nearly half.

The show, which films the family life of Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne, his wife Sharon and children Jack and Kelly, has prompted claims that viewers are tiring of the show.

Perhaps one series was enough to have a good laugh at Ozzy et al, but seeing the first couple of episodes of another series just seemed like the same-old-same-old, and add that since the end of the first series, surely everyone now knows that each comedy situation was staged – maybe Ozzy should just sit down with the MTV bosses and tell them: “Look I’ve had a good deal of experience with flogging dead horses, so lets just get to the end of this run and say ‘No More’, OK?”.

I like Ozzy, I won’t deny it, and I really don’t think the man needs another slippery slope into irrelevance. Oz, it could be time to just bow out of the spotlight.

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