It’s your fault, not mine.

I’ve awoken this morning under a government more bigoted, more insular, more self-centred than when I went to sleep.
We’ve voted for the right-wing, for the crypto-fascists, for the racists and for the rich who profit off the divided and the benighted; the working people.

I read that there was a voter turnout of 80% for the over 60s. I hope they don’t need the NHS as they get older.

Promises to Myself.

I am making the first of two decisions.
When I complete my exam I will pick one thing and do it. I will take proper notes for every idea I have but keep my focus of that one thing.

The second decision is for after the exam, when I will decide on what to focus.

I’ve spent too long spinning in circles, getting nowhere.

Tidal Parking, Government by Commerce.

Two of m’colleagues are discussing banning cars in the centre of Belfast. A quarter-mile radius where only buses & delivery vehicles are permitted. Build massive out-of-town car parks. First they wanted to make the buses free within the exclusion zone, but then they decided that the buses should not be free so as to incentivise bike travel.

Yesterday in the news, there were reports that Belfast is in crisis and has run out of office space. Invest NI commissioned the report after commercial agents warned of this “crisis”.
These are the same commercial agents who have hundreds of empty office units on their books across the city and who refuse to invest in their own future by renovating existing empty properties and are now demanding public funds to build brand new buildings while their existing empty stock meanders towards dereliction.

How’s about this: instead of having our rapidly shrinking economy milked further in the name of “attracting investment”, how’s about our business leaders start putting their money where their mouths are; invest in upgrading your own properties, develop existing derelict or abandoned spaces as inexpensive multi-story car-parks, and enact a strictly enforced ban on on-street parking with the city centre’s quarter-mile and on any designated bus lane.

Projections and forecasts

First this:

Dieterich Buxtehude (1637-1707) was a German composer whose organ music is still played today. He was a major influence on a far more famous German composer, Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). When Bach was a young man, he decided it was crucial for him to experience Buxtehude’s music first-hand. He took a leave of absence from his job and walked over 250 miles to the town where Buxtehude lived. There he received the guidance and inspiration he sought. In 2015, I’d love to see you summon Bach’s determination as you go in quest of the teaching you want and need.

And then this:

“If you have built castles in the air,” said philosopher Henry David Thoreau, “your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” That may seem like a backward way to approach the building process: erecting the top of the structure first, and later the bottom. But I think this approach is more likely to work for you than it is for any other sign of the zodiac. And now is an excellent time to attend to such a task.

Music Personality Quiz

I worked through this A/B test earlier, comparing a series of pairs musical excerpts. I didn’t know what the test was specifically reaching for until I got to the end so I was a bit stumped sometimes in that I’d get pairs of tracks both of which I disliked and pairs of that both intrigued me.

And this is the result I got:

You are quite a knowledgeable person who has an interest in the arts. Although you respect tradition, you will also happily try out new things from time to time. You have a wide spread of interests, both mainstream and unconventional. Others view you as an interesting but not alternative type of person. Overall, you are a reasonably tolerant individual.

It’s important to you that you complete the tasks that you begin. You are reasonably well organised but you’re probably not excessively tidy. You can be impulsive at times but you also recognise that you can’t always live for the moment. You follow rules and can be relied upon much of the time. You work towards goals but don’t strive for perfection.

You’re not really an extravert. But nor are you a typical introvert. You’re quite easy going. Extraverts need other people to recharge their batteries, introverts need time alone – you’re a bit of both. You’re able to immerse yourself into social situations quite easily, but you’re also quite happy with your own company. At times you will seek excitement and at other times you will happily stay home by yourself.

Soft hearted and sympathetic, you see the best in people and trust others easily. You avoid conflict and tend to agree with others in order to keep the peace. Helpful, honest and direct, others see you as warm and caring. You are a good team player who cooperates well.

You tend to become stressed pretty easily and will focus on the worst possible outcome in any situation. You are highly sensitive and easily upset. You see danger where others usually don’t and can be quite shy. You don’t like to wait for things and may have a quick temper. You worry about things you have said and done, and can be hard on yourself. The problems in the world make you sad.

The quiz/test is available here:


Absolutely loving this piece of phishing spam I received earlier:

discount bogner men

Awaken, you say? Even right now, actual ladies really don’t put together multimillion greenback enterprises with the kitchen area table while they’re performing the clean and cooking, much too.

So much going on there, so much wrongness.

It’s in the Spams Tonight

It started off so well. Then a series of ever-sharpening left-turns and non-sequiturs break the flow.

hi there

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