Look Around You

OK, 2nd week.  I completely forgot to post this here at the time -the 7th of November.

Initially I had a problem with my mix, the whole piece was overdriven once I’d exported it from my DAW. Eventually I discovered that somehow SoundForge is boosting the gain of everything it opens, even the preview feature in the File Open dialog.
This piece is perhaps a wee homage to both Tortoise and David Bedford.

Advice in the form of a horoscope

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): If you were embarking on a 100-mile
hike, would you wear new boots that you purchased the day before your
trip? Of course not. They wouldn’t be broken in. They’d be so stiff and
unyielding that your feet would soon be in agony. Instead, you would
anchor your trek with supple footwear that had already adjusted to the
idiosyncrasies of your gait and anatomy. Apply a similar principle as you
prepare to launch a different long-term exploit. Make yourself as
comfortable as possible.

An Introduction

So I think I’m going to do a thing.  Like really commit to something.
I’m gonna make a piece of music once a week for the next 53 weeks.

This is my first piece. I’m keeping it rough and ready. This is only the beginning.

Drum loops from Siggi Baldursson.

Meaty glorious guitar solo in the coda by Stevie McKnight: steven-mcknight1
Other guitars & percussion by me.


There are a couple of police vehicles driving towards my office right now, their sirens are echoing so distinctly against the buildings as they get closer that it sounds like a flock of extremely large seagulls is approaching.

It’s your fault, not mine.

I’ve awoken this morning under a government more bigoted, more insular, more self-centred than when I went to sleep.
We’ve voted for the right-wing, for the crypto-fascists, for the racists and for the rich who profit off the divided and the benighted; the working people.

I read that there was a voter turnout of 80% for the over 60s. I hope they don’t need the NHS as they get older.