Thought for the Day Project

Between 19th June 2017 and 12th July 2019 I ran a daily series of images with accompanying text designed to examine incongruity, context, the nature of how we determine what is carrier signal and what is message, how we determine signifier and signified.
I photographed and processed all the images while the texts are excerpted from the media and conversation which surrounded me during this period, chosen on the basis of both aesthetics and their functionality once shorn from their parent context.

I created 20 images using stock photography in October 2015 but it wasn’t until June 2017 that I decided to commit to running the project on an ongoing basis. I continued to use stock photography for the first 20 images, then switching to my own photographs processed from both film and digital stock. The project ran for just over two years with over 700 images published one per day.
The Twitter account is here, and the Facebook page is here.

The collection can be seen in release order on Twitter from here and the earlier trial examples from 2015 start here.
Including the earlier trial period I used stock photography for the initial 40 images, with this exception, and my use of stock photographs ended here with my own images starting here the next day.