Postcards from Holiday

Life continues with its own ruthless pace and the following is the latest fruit:

And to follow on, here’s the complete corpus so far:


Deliberate Affectation

Entry number 4 in the ongoing compendium is a lovely floaty piece of acoustic art-pop. Should I feel a bit self-conscious in calling it art-pop? Nope! No prizes for guessing my references for the voice parts.

An Introduction

So I think I’m going to do a thing.  Like really commit to something.
I’m gonna make a piece of music once a week for the next 53 weeks.

This is my first piece. I’m keeping it rough and ready. This is only the beginning.

Drum loops from Siggi Baldursson.

Meaty glorious guitar solo in the coda by Stevie McKnight: steven-mcknight1
Other guitars & percussion by me.