So here’s a thought.

If I get two days off a week and one of those days is a week day, what’s to stop me from going through the large sheaf of song ideas I have written down and recording one of those songs on that day?

Really, what’s to stop me?

Is it too late for a New Year’s Resolution or is it the perfect time?

FAO Mr Martin Byrne @Marty_Byrne

Mr Byrne has previous experience of this and his recent tweet struck a chord with me.

Producing music and video on a smartphone has been bothering me for a fair while now. There are some quality pieces of work produced either partly or mainly on phone handsets, but the video below reinforces for me that the medium is most definitely the message in work like this. The extra attachments, processing time, additional apps, compromises, etc., all seem say that making the art on a smartphone is as important as the art itself.

What this says about the artist I don’t know. What I do know is that less technical effort and expense is required while using slightly more dedicated equipment. 

Are there boundaries, limitations imposed by the phone that inspires truly satisfying envelope-pushing? Can the fixed-focus lens lead to breakthroughs in storytelling, scripting or directing?

Or is it part of the techie trend, reinventing a wheel simply to be seen to have a wheel?

From filming through to special effects, smartphone technology offers all the elements required to make a movie. But will the finished product really be good enough for your local cinema?

Here, we show you how the film was made, give you tips on how to make your own masterpiece and tell you what apps and accessories you might need.


Thought for the moment.

I’m listening to AC/DC’s Fly on the Wall for the first time in two decades, on vinyl.
There are some great songs and potentially fat chops on this album, but was it spoiled by production decisions?
It has a very “in the room” production, where it genuinely sounds like they’re playing in a church hall and you are one of fifty people at the far end, loving it. But it just doesn’t work as a reference work.
Like Black Sabbath’s output between Vol.4 and Technical Ecstacy, like most rock music between 1978 and the late 90s, no-one seems to be listening to the guys and girls who have been working with mic placement and room mapping.

US creates “shadow” networks for dissidents and revolutionaries

In one of the most ambitious developments, the State Department and Pentagon spent at least $50 million on the creation of an alternative cellphone network in Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban from shutting down mobile connections in the country.

To accomplish this, cellphone towers have reportedly been installed at protected military bases across the country.

The independent network allows cellphone users to communicate when local Afghani networks are shut by the Taliban. The disruptions typically occur between 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., so that the Taliban can conduct their operations unreported to security forces.


In times that include the Patriot Act and Echelon routinely monitoring domestic email and telephone communications, times that see Homeland Security agents interviewing school-children for allegedly making terrorist and/or seditious remarks in class after being reported for same by their teachers, times that see global airline passengers routinely strip-searched and subjected to pointless and invasive body scans, the United States is encouraging foreign citizens to communicate outside their own countries’ infrastructure and legislation.
I have to wonder if this is an opt-out of totalitarianism or a defacto opt-in to US Secret Service’s information gathering network, feeding the beautifully poetic fear of terrorism and justification for further military intervention.

Please juxtapose the linked article with the following two pieces, the first a news report, the second an editorial piece:

Gears Also Mesh

It’s funny how one person’s new musical experiment can repeat someone else’s old one.

I’ve just listened a new piece which seems almost identical in premise to a piece I composed about fifteen years ago. I suppose it just goes to show that, in music anyway, nothing matters more than context and personal development.

My piece had very specific and personal beginnings and marked a turning point in my development as a player and as a musician.  It built on everything I’d achieved up to that point and I could not have created it without the experience I’d collected. I needed to write and perform that experiment, and I have no reason to believe this piece I’m listening to is any different for its author.

From the recent archives…

First read this:
A man is accused of flashing at a 15 year old in a clothes shop.  He was denied bail.

Now read this:
A man is charged with raping a woman twice.  He is granted bail.

So much is badly wrong with our justice system.

From the recent archives…

First read this:
A man is accused of flashing at a 15 year old in a clothes shop.  He was denied bail.

Now read this:
A man is charged with raping a woman twice.  He is granted bail.

So much is badly wrong with our justice system.