All Points North.


Picture-postcard views, coastal architecture like time capsules from the recent and further past, semi-secret coves, unexpected views into the quiet Sunday recreations of others.  All these things afforded by a day lazily walking and driving north along the Antrim Coast.

There is little better than sitting on the rocks in a barely accessible inlet beside a derelict smuggling/mining harbour, cut off from phone signal and GPS, the spring sun heating the rock pools, the waves plunking into gullies, the sky a blue straight from the primal past.

It’s a perfect time and place to sink into your own memory, your own self, to let the stuff of subconscious come forward and live in the light for a while.

Titanic Tour (day minus 1)

Sunday was a pleasant day to spend around the mostly deserted Thompson dry dock.

Here’s some photos of the dry dock and the pump house.

Maybe not worth the tenner the bus tour company are charging, but an unavoidable expense now that the area is all fenced off.