A Brief Collaborative Affair.

A collaborative track between myself and Martin Songadayforayear Byrne. After coming with a couple of generic ideas, several cups of coffee later, GENIUS STRUCK!! The dialogue you will hear is from a selection of vintage sci-fi and horror scripts.


Gears Also Mesh

It’s funny how one person’s new musical experiment can repeat someone else’s old one.

I’ve just listened a new piece which seems almost identical in premise to a piece I composed about fifteen years ago. I suppose it just goes to show that, in music anyway, nothing matters more than context and personal development.

My piece had very specific and personal beginnings and marked a turning point in my development as a player and as a musician.  It built on everything I’d achieved up to that point and I could not have created it without the experience I’d collected. I needed to write and perform that experiment, and I have no reason to believe this piece I’m listening to is any different for its author.

First New Music of 2011

Noveller – Red Rainbows.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it was released in 2009, but as I’ve worked my way through my “Music to Acquire” list, this has constantly frustrated me by having no samples, no individual tracks for download and being constantly out of stock. So yesterday I finally found Sarah Lipstate’s site and tracked down an MP3 download site, curiously on Cargo Records.

Excellent drones with which to start the day.