A limited edition release, by A.R.C..

Hey there dear readers,
We released our first recording a couple of weeks ago to celebrate our 5th anniversary as an ensemble.
Free to listen to online, and also available as a very limited edition cassette with individual three-colour hand-printed lino-cut inlay.

This is the Great Void

I decided to play around with a couple of synths, a bit of MIDI, a handmade BEW pedal and see what happened. This is the result.
In the process I taught myself a couple of new things about recording too.
I got to the end of the lyrics and realised I really ought to have rewritten the first verse but time was not on my side. So have at thee.
Guest vocals by Becca Allen.

Look Around You

OK, 2nd week.  I completely forgot to post this here at the time -the 7th of November.

Initially I had a problem with my mix, the whole piece was overdriven once I’d exported it from my DAW. Eventually I discovered that somehow SoundForge is boosting the gain of everything it opens, even the preview feature in the File Open dialog.
This piece is perhaps a wee homage to both Tortoise and David Bedford.

Tidal Parking, Government by Commerce.

Two of m’colleagues are discussing banning cars in the centre of Belfast. A quarter-mile radius where only buses & delivery vehicles are permitted. Build massive out-of-town car parks. First they wanted to make the buses free within the exclusion zone, but then they decided that the buses should not be free so as to incentivise bike travel.

Yesterday in the news, there were reports that Belfast is in crisis and has run out of office space. Invest NI commissioned the report after commercial agents warned of this “crisis”.
These are the same commercial agents who have hundreds of empty office units on their books across the city and who refuse to invest in their own future by renovating existing empty properties and are now demanding public funds to build brand new buildings while their existing empty stock meanders towards dereliction.

How’s about this: instead of having our rapidly shrinking economy milked further in the name of “attracting investment”, how’s about our business leaders start putting their money where their mouths are; invest in upgrading your own properties, develop existing derelict or abandoned spaces as inexpensive multi-story car-parks, and enact a strictly enforced ban on on-street parking with the city centre’s quarter-mile and on any designated bus lane.