Thought for the Day

“Slowly, over the past decade or so, as I have built up a creative career I’ve learnt that the way to have a sustainably creative life takes three basic things:

1. Working little and often (perhaps for just 20 minutes or less a day).
2. Focus.
3. Recognizing what has been achieved.”

– Michael Nobbs,

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I play bass, I cook, I look out the window. Sometimes I prefer wondering what's out there to going out and looking. But not all the time. I only recently learned that leaving two spaces after a full stop is obsolete.

2 thoughts on “Thought for the Day”

  1. This is useful and yer man’s website is reminding me that I need something like this in my life (again). I had a lot of success with The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, but that was a few years ago, I am feeling a lull in 2014 and I feel a need for regular creative focus, or to address my anti-creative thinking.

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