Thought for the Day

“Slowly, over the past decade or so, as I have built up a creative career I’ve learnt that the way to have a sustainably creative life takes three basic things:

1. Working little and often (perhaps for just 20 minutes or less a day).
2. Focus.
3. Recognizing what has been achieved.”

– Michael Nobbs,

Kick in the Pants (one please)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): The four elements that compose
cocaine are the same as those that make up TNT, caffeine, and nylon:
hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. The combinations and
proportions of elements are different in each substance, of course. But
the point, for our purposes, is that the same raw materials lead to
different results. I foresee a similar drama unfolding in your own life,
Sagittarius. How you assemble the ingredients you currently have at your
disposal could produce either a rough and ragged high, a volatile risk, a
pleasant stimulation, or a useful resource. Which will it be?