You won’t have heard of Bill Nelson.
I hadn’t until six or seven years ago when I was recommended an album called Fururama by Be Bop Deluxe.
In a moment of uncharacteristic wealth I was able to buy the album and was, again, uncharacteristically blown away by it.
I had unwittingly discovered groundbreaking music, songwriting and production.

Bill Nelson was the singer, guitarist and songwriter. Now read this:

Bill Nelson and the EMI Ripoff

Thought for the Day: observation #361

My right index and middle fingertips are so calloused that they no longer conduct a high enough level of electrical impulses to operate a touchscreen unless I moisturize heavily.
Is it a bass players’ curse? Or is it that combined with washing dishes for 40 hours a week?
Also my fingerprints are missing on those two fingers….

P.S. typing this with my right hand pinky was marginally quicker than using my left hand. Pity me.