Free Will Astrology : Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
“Love that stammers, that stutters, is apt to be the love that loves best,” wrote poet Gabriela Mistral. That’s an important theme to keep in mind during the season of amour. Your job as a lover is not to be inflated with the perfect knowledge of how to proceed, not to stride forcefully into each romantic nuance with your confidence exploding . . . but rather to stumble along humbly, waging experiment after experiment, striving to kindle the spark, unleash the deluge, conjure the whirlwind, burrow into the dirty, sacred depths — or whatever the idiosyncratic truth of the moment calls for. Happy Valentine Daze, Sagittarius!

As I struggle and fight through life, for a while now these horoscopes have been aspiration, if not motivation.
If I’m honest, I simply like his vision of the world. I don’t care that it’s draped in the dusty ermine robes of horoscopy.

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I play bass, I cook, I look out the window. Sometimes I prefer wondering what's out there to going out and looking. But not all the time. I only recently learned that leaving two spaces after a full stop is obsolete.

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