From the recent archives…

First read this:
A man is accused of flashing at a 15 year old in a clothes shop.  He was denied bail.

Now read this:
A man is charged with raping a woman twice.  He is granted bail.

So much is badly wrong with our justice system.

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I play bass, I cook, I look out the window. Sometimes I prefer wondering what's out there to going out and looking. But not all the time. I only recently learned that leaving two spaces after a full stop is obsolete.

3 thoughts on “From the recent archives…”

  1. I’m wondering…<br/><br/>*Save judge in both cses?<br/>*What’s a CCTV camera doing in a dressing room?<br/>*Raped her twice? Yeah, but it was on the same day…that’s different!<br/><br/>-Jeeem (playing hooky today)-

  2. Jeeez…just read that. <br/><br/>I spell like a gorilla. It’s s-a-M-e Jeeem, not s-a-V-e…Moron.<br/><br/>It’s c-A-s-e-s…not c-s-e-s. Idiot.<br/><br/>Can gorilla’s spell?<br/><br/>-Jeeem-

  3. Here in Lawless Thailand…about four or five years ago…some rich kid got pissed at a bus driver for cutting him off in traffic, so when the bus stopped to let passengers off and others on, he floored it and plowed into the crowd of passengers killing one woman and maiming another. All told, at least five were hospitalized I believe. <br/><br/>The guy was released from jail. He wasn’t even considered ‘released on bail.’ He ended up getting a slap on the hand for the incident because his father was a Thai big-wig and his mother an ex- Thai beauty queen. <br/><br/>Then we have the Australian woman who stole a bar mat from a bar in Phuket, Thailand. Actually, according to her friends who were with her that fateful night, she didn’t steal it. They put the barmat into her shoulder bag without her knowledge as some sort of stupid prank. <br/><br/>Upon her leaving the bar her handbag was searched, (never have heard of bags being searched upon leaving a bar) the barmat found and the Thai police were summonned. She was arrested and taken directly to jail. She faced a max sentence of five years in prison and a fine of up to $290.00. <br/><br/>As it was, she was denied bail and had to stay in jail for two nights (other reports say four). When her friends sobered up, they arrived at the jail and admitted to placing the barmat in her shoulder bag but the Thai police just told them to *direct quote* "Go Away."<br/><br/>The final story is she was eventually released after considerable Austrialian Consular involvement, had to pay a fine of well over 1000 Thai baht…equal to 24.5 U.K. pounds, and then of course there was the lost time for her having to wait until things were finalized. <br/><br/>Her final insult happened after she returned home to Australia. She planned a trip to the U.S. to visit Disneyland with her children and was denied a visa due to her incident in Thailand. <br/><br/>Wow.<br/><br/>-Jeeem-

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