The US ports deal.


Dubai Ports will be taking control of six US ports
High Court bid to block P&O deal (BBC)
Review agreed in P&O takeover bid (BBC)

This baffles me. Once again, a show trial. Suddenly where previously no connection existed US “lawmakers” are insisting that nationality equals ideology. In the many countries in the world who have hired American firms to perform important state tasks, has a single government raised the spectre of compromised security, even though the American ideology demonstrably accompanies every step US commercial interests takes upon foreign soil? No. Well, apart from those government with whom the US constantly argues, like Venezuela. Argued with, denounced and threatened.
And yet simply because a company based in the United Arab Emirates seeks, in it’s US-inspired capitalism, to buy a lucrative American contract, the prejudices and fear-mongering of the current US government snaps its jaws like a sprung trap, calling down wrath upon the image of itself.
And now they’re trying to stop it with a technique designed to assert American imperialism over foreign competition – the hampering of the ability to trade.

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