And these people are the self-appointed guardians of democracy?

BBC NEWS | World | Americas |:
US nuclear lab loses secret data

Los Alamos has suffered other security lapses

One of America’s largest nuclear weapons research laboratories has suspended its activities after secret information went missing.”

So, eh, how inept is this? News | On the phone with Ralph Nader

This is pretty funny. Nader can’t even grasp the simple questions. News | On the phone with Ralph Nader: “July 14, 2004 | Last Friday, Ralph Nader’s campaign spokesman Kevin Zeese e-mailed Salon, saying that Nader wanted to speak with Salon editor David Talbot ‘about recent articles that have appeared in Salon concerning him and his candidacy.’ The following is a transcript of the ensuing three-way phone conversation among Nader, Zeese and Talbot. It ranged over Rupert Murdoch (whose company published Nader’s new book), Democratic ‘dirty tricks’ against the independent candidate’s presidential bid, and Nader’s acceptance of conservative money and support. “